Three down and one to go…can’t believe it!

It’s hard to believe we’ve been here 3 weeks already and only have a week left. Now we’ve got to cram in the rest of our to-do list in the remaining time. We still haven’t really explored Corpus Christi yet. We’ve spent most of our time either on the beach or exploring the Island. And of course our many trips a week across the ferry.

Third largest ship in the world? Maybe not…but it was big!

The channel, which the ferries cross, is a major route into Corpus Christi harbor. We’ve witnessed many very large ships navigating their way through. In fact the other day, we were told we were watching the third largest ship in the world traverse the canal. I’m not sure about the third largest part, but it was big.

It was actually carrying an oil platform of some kind and was extremely tall. Once it docked, the platform was to be removed and another type of very large cargo placed on this submergible deck.  We might have to drive over there and see what’s next for this immense structure.

It’s amazing how fast these ships travel as they go down the passage. Sure wouldn’t want to be a small boat in the way! It’s a very busy waterway and it’s fun to watch all of the

Big ships like this enter harbor all day long!


We both love it here but are extremely frustrated by the lousy Internet coverage. Even our own mifi isn’t working very well. When we called Verizon, they said we are located right between two cells and the coverage keeps bouncing between their tower and the shared tower on the other side of the island. If we want to get anything done without interruption, we either get up at the crack of dawn or go into town to the library nearer one of the towers. When the massive crowds were here for Spring Break, it was almost impossible to get anything done online.

As is quite common in RV Parks, the management says “oh we’re putting in a new system soon so this problem will go away…any day now.” Well, we’ve been here 3 weeks and haven’t seen any improvements. Hopefully our next location will be better from that perspective. From here we’re headed for Austin, so at least our own system should work better! One can only hope!

You never know what you’ll see tooling along the beach!

It’s about time for our afternoon stroll down the beach so more later.

4 thoughts on “Three down and one to go…can’t believe it!”

  1. Hi!

    Found your website and also found a picture of the kittie too. A Siamese!! He’s quite confy on that dashboard!

    Am enjoying your travel journal! That’s fun!! I could get into doing this for a month or two but I would probably need to keep some roots. That’s only because I haven’t much in the way of roots in my life.

    You must keep this up and I’ll be checking in to see if you’re doing alright!

    • Hi Jennifer,
      Having no roots takes some adjustment but we’re ready to move on. Thanks for joining us on our travels.
      It was fun meeting you and Gary for coffee! Hope our paths cross again.

  2. Well guys Marie is home sorting out 30 years of stuff (mostly junk) we are preparing for our launch into the full time world. All my life I watched my mother and father talk about heading out and full timing, my mom worked for Wheelers magazine for almost 20 years and it was our life. Unfortunately my father passed away and the dream was never realized. We plan on putting the Fleetwood Flair with Durango in “toad” into drive 13 June we are raising our 5 year old granddaughter and will stop for a year in Florida or Louisiana so she can attend Kindergarten next year. After that we will home school her until I reach social security age then we will move back to stick and brick and she will attend high school. I said all that to ask if it makes sense. Only have 2500 a month to live off of but I have a crazy Idea to work my way around the country when I can.

    • Curt and Marie, Good luck with your decision to go full time. It’s a big decision. A couple of financial things to keep in mind as you travel the country. Keep your eye on the price of fuel and where you buy it. You can usually get a price break if you pay by cash. There are apps and online sites you can visit to compare prices. Also, you can reduce your costs by staying in RV Parks for a month rather than a few days or weeks at a time. Most (but not all) parks have a discounted monthly rate.

      As far as working your way around the country, there are lots of avenues there as well. Amazon has a program for RVers in several of their Fulfillment Centers. Three that I know of are Campbellsville, KY, Coffeyville, KS, and Fernley NV. They bring on the extra help for their Holiday rush from September through December. They provide RV sites and a real community is formed among the workers. You can go to for more information.

      Also a couple of good sites to visit to find out more about work camp opportunities is, or My husband did some temporary work at Amazon last fall but not as part of the workamper program. It was hard work and long hours but he enjoyed it. We have never done camp hosting but have talked to many who have and people seem to really enjoy it. It’s on our to do list. When you go to an RV Park, start talking to the people who work there and find out which ones are a part of the work camp program. They are usually very eager to share their experiences.

      I wish you well. Let us know how you are doing or if you have any more questions.

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